DO keep moving

  • It has been shown that individuals that stay active through an episode of low back pain heal faster and get back to the activities they love sooner

DON’T depend on ice for a quick fix

  • Ice is now being shown to not produce a positive result during the early stages of an injury

DO believe in yourself that you will get better

  • Think ‘GLASS HALF FULL’ during an episode of low back pain. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do right now, focus on what you can! Start small such as: walking 10 minutes, reaching to put dishes away, or tying your shoes and then BUILD on the small wins!

DON’T fall into the trap that you “have a bad back”

  • Low back pain is one of the most diagnosed conditions in the world! That means MANY “healthy” backs are also causing pain. Most of the time these painful spells result from performing a movement poorly one too many times. Instead of blaming the structures blame the function.

If you need help discovering how to fix your back issues call our office at (513) 863-0464 or click below to schedule!

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